Lunch Menu

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Cream of cauliflower with cheddar and croutons 55,-

Tortilla with pulled pork, cheddar cheese and beans, sour cream 149,-

Fried cheese with chips, tartar sauce 149,-

Salad with blue cheese and caramelized pears 127,-


Cabbage soup with sausage 55,-

Pork medallions with pepper sauce and roasted potatoes 149,-

Pieces of cod in herb breadcrumbs, dill mayonnaise, side salad 149,-

Salad with roasted peppers 127,-



Cream of mushroom with bacon 55,-

Chilli con carne with rice, guacamole and cheddar 149,-

Roasted pork with red cabbage and potato dumplings 149,-

Salad with smoked salmon and capers 127,-


Cream of carrot with ginger and coconut milk 55,-

Halušky with soft sheep cheese, bacon, chives and fried onion 149,-

Beef stew with vegetables and mashed potatoes 149,-

Salad with chickpeas and sundried tomatoes 127,-


Beef broth with meat, noodles and vegetables 55,-

B.L.T. sandwich with chips 149,-

Chicken burger with cheddar cheese and sweet chilli mayo, coleslaw 149,-

Salad with pieces of fried brie 127,-

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