Lunch Menu

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Cream of pumpkin with sour cream 49,-

Grilled pork liver, home made chips, gravy, side salad 135,-

BBQ chicken wings, garlic bread, chilli dip 135,-

Greek salad with feta cheese and olives 115,-


Goulash soup 49,-

Grilled pork cutlet with creamy mushroom sauce and roasted potatoes  135,-

Penne pomodoro with mozzarella 135,-

Salad with chickpeas and roasted peppers 115,-


Cream of tomato with parmesan 49,-

Burrito with beef, beans, vegetables and cheddar cheese, side of nacho chips 135,-

Roasted pork with potato dumplings and spinach 135,-

Salad with blue cheese and pears 115,-



French onion soup 49,-

Baked chicken roulade, chips, mustard gravy and side salad 135,-

Fried cauliflower with boiled potatoes, tartar sauce 135,-

Caesar salad with bacon 115,-


Spiced cream of corn 49,-

B.L.T. sandwich, onion rings, side salad 135,-

Pieces of beer batter fried cod, chips, tartar sauce 135,-

Salad with pieces of grilled pork tenderloin 115,-

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